The Newsletters Business


Probably you receive many different fortnightly and weekly newsletters in your inbox every day. Yet haven’t realized that they are more often than not, making their senders a lot of money. We’re undoubtedly experiencing an email newsletter boom. However, each newsletter is different, from how it’s monetized, to the frequency, to the topic.


In this article, I will attempt to cover the bare minimum of requirements for generating income online through the newsletters business. I will also be directing you to where you can acquire all the required theoretical and practical skills to get started.


Making money from the newsletter business


So you have started building your newsletter and are thinking of ways to make money from it. As a producer or publisher, access to your subscribers’ inbox is unlimited, providing you don’t cross the spam filters.


You’ve heard that building a relationship with your list one-on-one is crucial to your success, but you are a bit unsure about the way forward. You are anxious to know the most appropriate way to profit from that relationship.


One of the nice things about the newsletter business is, there are several ways you can choose from to monetize it. Some you probably already know; some you might not have thought of.

Nevertheless, whichever model you choose, it is vital to first decide the type of content you are going to share, which will depend on the type of business you are in or planning to go into, or in the case of an affiliate marketer, the niche you are into.


Having a focused newsletter

This is important to keep holding on to your subscribers’ interest because failure in this area will result in them unsubscribing. People will join your email list with expectations and it is your duty to know those expectations and meet them head-on. This may sound difficult but it isn’t; your competitors know how to do it and you must, or suffer defeat.

I am tempted to elaborate on this some more, but I know all this and more will be revealed to you, as you follow my direction.

The free offer

For your newsletter business to succeed you need people to send it to; people who are interested in the type of content you have decided to share. You would need a list of people referred to as an email list. You are not going to put any Tom Dick and Harry on your list, but don’t worry, because finding them would be very easy.


This is where the free offer, which is also referred to as a lead magnet comes in. You can create it yourself or pay someone to create it for you. It can be in the form of a pdf document or a DVD or CD containing information of massive value. Its value should be as such that if you so choose, you can sell it and make money. You will then give this away in exchange for people’s contact details.

It is quite obvious that the people who accept the free offer will be interested in its topic. This is how you build a list of persons who are all interested in a subject or topic of your choice so you can know the type of information to send them in your newsletter.


There is much more work to be done regarding knowing your subscribers’ needs; what I give you in this short article is only the foundation to build upon.

Please note that if your lead magnet or free offer is garbage, you will still get people to sign up but they will be disappointed, will not trust you, and will unsubscribe instantly.

What I’m getting at is, create overwhelming value and over-deliver; give more than is expect and you will instantly gain their trust.


Well, as I said, I’ve just scratched the surface of the newsletter business in this short article. However, go to  The Newsletter Academy for all the information on setting up and successfully running a newsletter business.