Never have I known me to be anything other than a failure. Throughout my life, I failed at almost everything I put my hands to do. My parents’ attempt at giving me a formal education turned out to be a complete mess as I never seemed to want that and didn’t settle into the classroom until I was around age 11 in the 6th Grade. I continued at school up to the 9th Grade and left without a single pass or certificate.


Life after that was a string of failures. Music, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration, tailoring, Farming – you name it, and I’ve tried it. It looked as though I didn’t have the staying power to remain long enough at anything to see results. That was until computers and the internet came into existence and had started becoming popular in Trinidad and Tobago, though.


The Pastor of The church I attended at that time, and still do, Rev. Desmond Austin, offered me the opportunity to familiarize myself with the thinking machine, free of charge. We were conducting a crash course that catered to the community and church members’ computer literacy needs. The course duration was about 10 to 15 days (if my memory serves me right), and those who could have afforded made a small and almost insignificant financial contribution. I remember sitting in that class for the first five days or so and understanding almost nothing the tutor was teaching.


However, after purchasing a second-hand unit about two months later, then utilizing the booklet each participant in the course received, I soon discovered my fascination with computers and the online world.

By then, I knew I needed to use the PC to do some business online to improve my lot. I also knew that whatever it was going to be would involve a fair amount of typing, so I got a copy of the famous Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing program from a friend and began learning to type correctly.


For as long as I can remember, there was a tiny bit of love for the written word within me, which I thought I could not pursue because of my dyslexia. I have a severe spelling, and to a lesser extent, a reading problem. However, the computer and the internet have now become a way of dealing with this issue.
Even though my attempts at writing usually take longer than others would, I am quite happy for the opportunity to at least express myself just enough so people can understand the message I’m putting across. I always double-check everything before pressing that ENTER button. Thank God for Google Search, Micro Soft Word, Grammarly, and other such software tools.


Before my encounter with the computer and internet, I had this good friend who, at different periods, had recruited me into various MLM programs. I had been active in one of those called “The Little Guy Network” for a short time after coming online.
It was during one of my recruitment drives for the Little Guy Network that I noticed I was being made fun of by some of the people I was trying to recruit. On the very day after leaving that meeting, I swore never again to ask anyone offline to join any money-making program whatever and do all my recruiting online instead. And this is how I met Sarah Staar, the UK’s top female internet marketer, who taught me about affiliate marketing, building an email list, Facebook advertising, Solo ads, and more. By the way, the Little Guy Network turned out to be a big scam.


I would love to say to you that things have been moving smoothly from then to now, but that would be far away from the truth. I have been facing numerous financial challenges since then due to family commitments. While Sarah is the UK’s top female internet-marketer and there are tremendous benefits in being on her Licensing Partner Team, I haven’t yet seen the kind of success her other affiliates and students have seen. I haven’t been able to mount any sustained significant ad campaigns as yet.


Ever since I started on this make- money- online journey, I’ve faced numerous challenges and apparent failures that continue to come at me one after the other, up to this very day. Yes, they come to such an extent that I sometimes ask myself, “What’s next?” However, I have no other option but to continue going forward, and that’s what I’ll continue to do until I reach my destination.


To me, failure is an outcome that can affect us negatively or positively, depending on how we view it and subsequently respond to it. Les Brown said, ‘The cemetery is the richest place on the planet because that’s where all the hopes and dreams that people never fulfill lies. The unsung songs, the unwritten books, unshared inventions, all because somebody was too timid to take that first step, or persevere with the problem’.
Many people go to the grave without realizing their dreams or full potential because they fear failure.


One of the many reasons people fear failure is because of the tremendous amount of pressure placed on them by parents, friends, relatives, and society to succeed at the first try when growing up. I honestly think that those who took on the responsibility of formulating the English language misplaced the word “failure,”  as we see it is synonymous with words like “catastrophe,” “disaster,” “bomb,” “letdown,” and “miscarriage.”
No wonder people fail and feel bad about themselves, and in some cases, are devastated by it, and rather than reliving the experience, they choose to give up. Others want to stay as far away from the ordeal as possible and decide never to bother to make the first attempt. But here is the truth.


Failure should not be feared, used as an excuse for inaction, or an excuse for giving up because it’s merely a part of the process that leads to success. It’s an eye-opener that opens the eyes to new horizons, brings with it the opportunity you might have missed had the outcome been otherwise. It is the chance to do it all over, only this time, with greater wisdom.


There are so many lessons to be learned from failure that it would not be incorrect to say that there can be no success without some measure of failure.
Michael Jordan, retired basketball legend, said, “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted by the team to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”


It’s impossible to go through life without failing at something. To live a failure-free life, you would need to live so cautiously that it would be better if you had not lived at all, which would eventually amount to ‘failure by default.’

Never stay down – always get back up as many times as you have to, and continue chasing after your dreams. Let failure act as a catalyst for increase enthusiasm backed-up by a series of positive actions that must eventually lead to success. Failure can be any one of two things to you: A steppingstone or a tombstone. It’s your choice – Choose wisely.