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Sarah Staar’s Niche Profit Class

An Overview of Niche Profit Class – A Free Course   

Course Name: Niche Profit Class

Course Description: A 33 min. long video course that shows you how to find lucrative business models and niches.

This Course’s Contents:

This Free Course highlights 2 critical issues in building an online business:

1) Niche Research – to ensure you choose a lucrative niche.

2) Business Models – to enable you to monetize your niche business successfully.

Video 1: Selecting a Business Model and Niche

This 17:36 mins video covers the basics of building a prosperous online business: How to select a lucrative niche and how to apply the finest choice of business models to your selection.

The information in this FREE video is of high value. I count myself fortunate to have access to this now, in the early years of my Internet Marketing career.

Video 2: Further Niche Research plus Tricks and Tips 

This 15:53 mins video delves into a deeper depth of researching niches for available monetization procedures, doing competition analysis and keyword research to make sure you have a money-making niche. You will pick up lots of hints and tips along the way, which could make a huge difference to your online business.


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Sarah Staar’s Traffic Mastermind

 Free Access to Traffic Mastermind – Video Recordings of 4 Experts Openly Discussing Traffic Secrets at a Closed-Door Workshop.

Name of Course: Traffic Mastermind

Description of Course: A 1hr 46min video of a live “London Meetup” Workshop that death with traffic generation.

Traffic Mastermind Recordings’ Content Details

4 UK experts on internet marketing explain many effective methods of traffic generation in this free instructional video.

1st Speaker: Sarah Staar

Sarah discusses the pros and cons of Video marketing, Solo ads, SEO, email list-building techniques, and Facebook advertising.

2nd Speaker: Rob Cornish

Rob openly discusses how he uses product creation to drives endless traffic to his websites and how he constructs his large email lists.

3rd Speaker: Christopher John Payne

Chris reveals his secrets about his offline marketing methods which are direct mail, newspaper and magazine advertising.

4th Speaker: Geoff Alexander 

What Geoff doesn’t know about PPC isn’t worth knowing, as he is an expert at Pay-Per-Click and a Certified Google Partner.

Remember: Free traffic is not as scalable as paid traffic and as Sarah Staar says, “If you can master Paid traffic, the amount of sales you can make online is unlimited”.


Who is Traffic Mastermind for?

The traffic methods defined in this tutorial are powerful. However, if you are an inexperienced internet marketer, you may need some additional training to apply some of the steps. (Most of this additional training are available on the internet for free). Experienced marketers will have no problems with these steps.

Please note: Dismissing this course because it’s free, will be a big mistake. The traffic methods are quite powerful, and they do work.


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Sarah Staar’s Copy and Profit Blueprint

How Sarah Staar Clones Other People’s Successful Campaigns 

Course: Copy and Profit Blueprint

Description: This is an online course delivered in a 1hr 6min video, filmed at a live workshop.


Contents of this course:

This Free Video tutorial provides details of a simple process – the cloning of other people’s successful affiliate campaigns.  Use it to begin making money online today.

Step 1: Choosing a Niche

This step shows how to choose your niche by “spying” on the top people in that niche.

It also gives step by step instructions on building your list and names tools to assist you in this regard.

Step 2: Traffic

This step shows how to “Reverse Engineer” what the top people in your niche are doing, to take the best bits and implement in your business.

Traffic methods: Solo Ads, Syndicated Content, Forum Marketing and more are detailed.

Remember: Free traffic is not as scalable as Paid traffic.

Who can benefit from this course?

The techniques shown in this course are powerful.
However, further training may be required for inexperienced internet marketers before they can implement some of the steps.
Experienced marketers won’t have issues in implementing this course content.

You should not dismiss this training because it is free!
The techniques work – they are powerful.


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Grab Your Free Copy Now!


Get This FREE E-book Today and See What Free Software Tools the Gurus Use in Their Business Daily. 

Use These Tools Yourself And Shortcut The Process of Trying All Sorts Of Rubbish!

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Sarah Staar’s How to Sell Affiliate Products

Learn How To Make Money Selling Affiliate Products – Without Having Your Own Products or Website

NAME of COURSE: How To Sell Affiliate Products 


What This Course Covers                         

Video 1: Researching Niche

This video is 8:28 mins long and deals with selecting niches online that are most profitable, and attempts to identify them.
Your own sub-niche should most likely be found from within this list.
This free video contains information that is of high quality, and the best part is it’s free of charge.


Video 2: Finding Products to Promote

This 11:13 mins video goes into more penetration of studying niches for existing monetization techniques. It deals with finding appropriate products to promote and learning about the difficulties in that niche that you must be looking to provide answers to, by promoting the right products to solve problems.


Video 3: Free Traffic!

Learn some free traffic strategies in this 14.09mins video! Free traffic doesn’t have to be any old traffic! Find out if it’s wise to link to the affiliate products or if it’s better to build an email list.


Video 4: Introduction to Facebook Advertising

This9.55 mins video is about how to do the various types of Facebook ads like: “Dark Posts” “Right-hand side” or “Newsfeed” and also teaches about facebook pages, posts, and audiences.


Video 5: Facebook Advertising – Pay-Per-Click

This video is the longest at 24.03mins because it goes deep into how to create effective Facebook ads that are superbly targeted at your precise audience. Insider secrets are revealed together with in-depth exposure of using the “Dark Posts” and “Power Editor” to get the best results.


This course is for whom?

Any person desiring to build an online business without producing their products and also not wanting to handle customer service will benefit from this Free course.

Seasoned Internet Marketers and Newbies will benefit if they take action on strategies detailed in this course.

Please do NOT disregard this course because it is free!

The methods and techniques are quite powerful and should be acted upon to start and continue building your online business.


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Sarah Staar’s YouTube Hijack

An Overview of the Free YouTube Hijack Course

Course Description: An online course delivered in 3 modules, each consisting of 1 or more videos. 

Do not stumble by the fact that this is a free course. It is of high value and much better than many paid ones. It goes straight to the point and is neither long nor difficult to understand. It contains no filler and consists of 3 short modules that can be studied in less than an hour.


Here are the contents of each module in detail. Please do not make the mistake of thinking you have to do them all. Each is a separate strategy that stans alone in its own right. Go them through one at a time implementing as you go along.


Module 1 How to get your affiliate links onto other people’s videos

This module consists of 6 videos. Total viewing time is less than an hour.
It details how to make money from YouTube without creating any videos.

This involves contacting the owners of popular videos and making them an offer to rent space on their YouTube videos.


Module 2 How to create videos that convert

This module comprises of 5 videos. Total viewing time is about 55 minutes.
It specifies 4 types of video you can make to cause your offers to convert.
This allows you to choose the method you prefer for services or products.


Module 3 How to rank your videos in the search engines

This module consists of 7 videos. Total viewing time is less than an hour.
The details of this module are about how to get your videos to rank well and bringing organic traffic to your business.

With as little as 3 hours of study and a couple of hours of implementing,  you could get started at making money online.

Check out the video below to hear what Sarah Staar herself has to say concerning this course…

I’ve never heard about making money on YouTube without uploading any videos before. This course teaches this, and it does work!!

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