When I first started online, I noticed that each time I decided to follow guidelines given in an internet marketing course to accomplish a task, somewhere along the way, I would end up straying into doing my own thing to speed up the process.

What usually happened at such time was that I would make a total mess of things that would cost me a lot in time and money.

Then I would return to following the instructions and prove that doing so was much faster, easier, and less costly. Many internet marketers, especially the newbies, operate in this manner – They don’t like playing by the book.


Sometimes you indeed need to develop your styles and techniques for doing things. Still, you first need to follow keenly the guidance of someone who has successfully been through what you are now trying to accomplish. In so doing, you will save yourself the trials, errors, and pain experienced by those who have gone before you.

Yes, to become successful in any area, you must first find someone who has been successful in your field of interest and copy what they did to the letter. While this will certainly not take as much time as if you had chosen to go without any guidance, it would take some time, and you must prepare yourself to give it time.

Far too many people are getting into the make-money-online business with a quick-fix mentality and are making themselves easy prey to online thieves, bandits, and scammers. Open your eyes, shake yourself, take a deep breath in, and exhale s-l-o-w-l-y. Making money online is no get-rich-quick affair, but a business affair with principles that you must follow before you can even begin to smell success. If you see it otherwise, then (as we say here in Trinidad and Tobago), you are only “spinning your top in the mud” – wasting your time.

Find a Mentor

There are some straightforward, trustworthy, ethical, and honest, successful internet marketers out there with excellent track records – seek one out from among them to follow. Invest in yourself and allow that person to guide you by way of the various courses and video tutorials they provide, and please follow their instructions to the letter. If you choose correctly, they will be teaching you the things they do daily in their business.

Failing to follow instructions is one reason for the high failure rate in the make-money-online business today. Too many people have courses they bought, stacked up on their computers, and elsewhere that they either never went through or went halfway through and are now claiming that they didn’t work for them. For example, let’s look at Solo ads.

I will understand if you have never been given instructions via free or purchased solo ads courses. What I cannot understand is people having availed themselves with these courses (both free and paid) and still failing to implement the techniques and strategies shown in them and then to cry out, “This thing doesn’t work!”

Why is it working for the person who created it, and it’s not working for you? As I said before, choose who you follow carefully, and they will teach you the techniques and strategies they use in their business daily. If it is working for them, it will work for you also, but you must follow instructions – play by the book.

Avoid Garbage Traffic

Many newbie internet marketers forget or don’t take seriously the importance of having people visit their website to view their offers – traffic. There is free traffic (if you are short on finance to get started and don’t mind building your business at a languid pace), and there is paid traffic. Although paid traffic can bring you almost instant results, you need to approach it with extreme caution. All traffic is not equal.

You need to know that the traffic you are purchasing will be targeted traffic and not the garbage that sources like safelists, traffic exchanges, and others offer. Solo ads can be one of many alternatives. However, as in everything, there is a process to follow, and failing to do so will produce similar results to what you would get from using the garbage sources mentioned above.

You should never go out and purchase as many clicks as you can afford from the first solo seller you contact. You will very quickly exhaust your advertising budget without getting the desired returns, if any, at all. You would need first to purchase a small amount for a test, and if you get good results, buy more – if not, then move to another seller.

Yes, you would need to find out a couple of things before purchasing traffic from solo sellers, and one of them is from where the traffic originates.  You don’t need traffic coming from all over the world or from third world countries like India, Africa, China, the Caribbean, etc. – the type of traffic safelists and traffic exchanges offer. Instead, you need traffic from countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, Ireland, and New Zealand, where people have disposable income and credit cards.

These countries must be specifically targeted in all your advertising campaigns – doing otherwise is just a waste of time and money. Marketers refer to this type of traffic as Top Tier Traffic, and they convert it into sales. You will also need to find out if the traffic the solo seller is offering is appropriate for your offer. For instance, if the seller has a list of gardening enthusiasts, you will get zero opt-ins and zero sales promoting an internet marketing software tool to that list.

I made some very foolish mistakes in earlier times concerning the purchasing of solo ads and lost some money, so I’m writing from personal experience.

Even though I had in my possession a course with all the instructions and guidance I needed to do solo ads correctly, I still went ahead and did my own thing and paid the price for not “playing by the book.”

Since then, I have learned my lesson well, and I trust that if you are presently going down the road I was on, you would immediately make a detour unto another that leads to sure success through playing by the book.

A Test For You

At my disposal presently is the Sarah Staar 5 part video tutorial on how to get instant traffic to any website or affiliate offer and be making sales within an hour, which I will be giving to you today for free. My only request in return is that you follow the instructions as given.

As long as you do that, you will begin seeing the results that have been evading you for so long. For your good, please play by the book.