Affiliate Formula X

Name of Course: Affiliate Formula X

Description of Course: An in-depth online affiliate marketing course delivered via audio, video, slides and transcripts.

This Course’s Contents:

Affiliate Formula X is a course that covers every aspect of affiliate marketing which includes the following:

• Niche & Market & Research
• Using the Google Keyword Tool
• Finding and promoting High-end products
• Hosting, Domains and WordPress Websites
• Building Lists: Thank You pages & Squeeze pages
• Split testing, Link cloaking and much more

There are “Golden Nuggets” sprinkled throughout the course, precious gems of information that will assist you in your online business.

Affiliate Formula X is for Who?

The strategies shown in this course are powerful.
The training is suitable for intermediate level internet marketers and newbies. Experienced internet marketers will have no problems implementing these strategies and will be refining their business and taking it to the next level as a result.
The techniques are powerful, and they work.


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