An Overview of List Multiplier 

Name of Course: List Multiplier

Description of Course: This is an in-depth online list building course delivered via six modules of downloadable templates, pdf files and videos.

This Course’s Contents:

List Multiplier is a course that covers every aspect of list building you could think of  which includes the following:

.1st Module: This module deals with Customer Avatar, Tools & Services and  List Surveillance.

2nd Module: This module deals with How to Build Web pages (which of course, you can outsource) and Product Creation.

3rd Module: This one deals with the communication aspect – Subject lines, Templates and Campaigns.

4th Module: This module deals with Traffic – both free and paid traffic: Ad swaps, Solo ads, Lookalike ads, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, JV Zoo and the “WSO Like A Staar” which has a value of $97.

5th Module:  This module deals with Webinars. When you have a list, webinars are another path to wealth.

6th Module: This Module is a bonus module in which you receive:

  • The Newsletter Template pack of Martin Avis.
  • A Fast Start Guide to get you prepared for your journey to success.
  • And a one-to-one call with Sarah Staar.

List Multiplier is for Who?

This training is for anyone seeking to become a successful online marketer.

The strategies and techniques discussed in this training are laid out in great detail and are powerful, and allows for you to implement or take.notes as you go through it. Experienced internet marketers will have no problems implementing these strategies and as a result, taking their business to the next level.



Sarah Staar


To get you off to a great start, 1-hour consultation with Sarah awaits you, and this by itself alone, is worth hundreds of dollars!









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