A positive mental attitude is absolutely necessary for your success in any endeavour. If you are sure about the point you want to get to, take the first step and continue with full confidence that you are going to succeed, you will. However, you might be needing to drastically change your mindset, as it will determine whether you will continue until you reach your desired goal, or give up when faced with the numerous obstacles and negative situations you will encounter along the way.

“YOU” – Your Biggest Obstacle

The biggest obstacle you will be faced with is yourself. Very early you could find yourself focusing on your lack while comparing yourself with those who have already achieved big time. As a result, you could end up thinking to yourself, “This thing is just too difficult,” followed by a feeling to quit.
Always remember you have to start from where you are at, make mistakes, learn, and grow along the way. It doesn’t happen quickly or overnight. It takes time, and you must give it time.

The people you might be comparing yourself with also had starting points, and in lots of instances, theirs were much further away from their goals than you are from yours now. Depending on how bad you want something, you will find a way to get it.

One of the many reasons people fail at internet marketing is that they look at those at the top and think to themselves, “I want to be like Tom” and expect that in three months or one year to get to the place that it took Tom ten years to reach. So they go out there and purchase a course or two, and when their unrealistic expectations are not realised within the timeframe they set, they give up. It doesn’t work that way.

There is also something else to consider. Is Tom’s niche (or whatever he’s doing) your passion? Maybe not – and you are in it just for the money. Well if you go into any type of business you don’t have a passion for, but are in only for the money and expect to succeed, you will not. To press through the difficulties and obstacles that all start-up business owners and entrepreneurs face on their way up, you must love what you do with a passion.

Evaluate Yourself

We were all purposefully made by the creator with gifts and talents that we have the responsibility to develop. Unfortunately, for various reasons such as fear of failure and criticism, some people choose to bury instead of developing theirs. If you have a dream or a vision, go after it.

Evaluate yourself to find your strengths and abilities. Most of the time, your strong points will be aligned with your dream or vision. Embrace the preparation process by reading books, taking the appropriate courses at whatever level that may be necessary and give it time and be consistent. Yes, be consistent!

Work on developing your talent and pay no attention to people who tell you that you can’t. They can’t, but you can. Me, for instance: People can say or think what they like about me and what I do, I don’t care. The constitution guaranty them freedom of speech and their opinions have nothing to do with me. Making money or not, I love internet marketing with a passion and no one except the Lord God Almighty and His son Jesus Christ can stand between me and what I do.

The great American author Napoleon Hill once said, “The No. 1 reason people fail in life is that they listen to their friends, family and neighbours” and that is 100% true. Who are you listening to?

I have noticed over the years that the people who limit themselves love to place their limitations on others. Because they can’t, you can’t also. They walk around with boxes to put other people in and labels to place on them. They judge you by your past, your appearance, and your present circumstances.

So they place you in their little box, put a label on it and say to you, “Be realistic and stay in that box, – it’s your box. Don’t be unrealistic and try to get out. You shouldn’t even be thinking outside of that box”. Stay clear of such and be careful with whom you share your aspirations, goals and vision.

Your New Tribe

If there are people around you who continuously try to sow seeds of doubt in your mind about your ability to succeed in reaching your goals, they should be kept at a distance. Not everyone that enters your life is meant to stay there – it’s okay to delete some of them…from your life. Your followers are not always your fans.

Never be afraid of travelling alone. It is sometimes necessary for seeking out YOUR NEW TRIBE – like-minded people who know your worth, encourage, and inspire you.
One of the reasons some of those around you respond negatively to your aspirations is because they feel threatened (subconsciously). Your goals scare them by reminding them of what they are not doing and make them uncomfortable. So, while your family, friends, and associates like you, some of them like you just the way you are and not necessarily any better. However, the onus is always on you to stay on track by maintaining a positive mental attitude at all times.
It is not possible to not react to a situation, so deal with each that comes at you. It exists – it’s a fact. How you respond to it will determine whether its effect on you is positive or negative. Begin to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.
You cannot control people’s thinking pattern and how they behave towards you, but you can control how you think and act in response. See all opposition and negative criticism as a reason to continue pressing forward rather than as an excuse to quit.

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