How Sarah Staar Clones Other People’s Successful Campaigns 

Course: Copy and Profit Blueprint

Description: This is an online course delivered in a 1hr 6min video, filmed at a live workshop.


Contents of this course:

This Free Video tutorial provides details of a simple process – the cloning of other people’s successful affiliate campaigns.  Use it to begin making money online today.

Step 1: Choosing a Niche

This step shows how to choose your niche by “spying” on the top people in that niche.

It also gives step by step instructions on building your list and names tools to assist you in this regard.

Step 2: Traffic

This step shows how to “Reverse Engineer” what the top people in your niche are doing, to take the best bits and implement in your business.

Traffic methods: Solo Ads, Syndicated Content, Forum Marketing and more are detailed.

Remember: Free traffic is not as scalable as Paid traffic.

Who can benefit from this course?

The techniques shown in this course are powerful.
However, further training may be required for inexperienced internet marketers before they can implement some of the steps.
Experienced marketers won’t have issues in implementing this course content.

You should not dismiss this training because it is free!
The techniques work – they are powerful.


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