She is the UK’s leading female internet marketer, a super affiliate, well known for having a reputation as being straightforward, trustworthy, and ethical, and carries the name Sarah Staar.

Sarah started her internet marketing career in 2003 with a website she built for the fun of it. The site was a listing of the best broadband Internet TV stations in the UK of the day. As an affiliate, she soon began selling the products of some of the advertisers on her internet tv stations directory while also using Adsense. Through this site, she began generating a small income of around $600 a month.

Since then, she has grown tremendously and is now an SEO consultant for various companies in the UK and a director of a company whose specialty is video production for the internet. She is also the creator of over 30 best-selling internet marketing products and an affiliate marketer generating a monthly income of more than $10,000 a month from affiliate marketing alone.

Regularly conducting coaching classes and workshops for her students on the internet, Sarah teaches the same techniques she uses in her business every day. Her style of teaching is such that allows everyone at every level to understand the lesson clearly. Her strategies have been tested many times over by numerous newbies who have since gone on to become quite successful in making money online.

Having a track record that speaks louder than words, she is highly qualified to teach in several areas and various internet marketing subjects. Her video tutorials are both free and paid ones and are of such high value that it can prove to be quite a challenge distinguishing between the two.

From my own experience with her, I would say she immediately psychologically translates every serious-minded individual that comes in contact with her to a higher level. She does this by revealing simple truths. However, the responsibility lies with us to act upon those truths by taking massive action. For, as the saying goes… ‘You can lead a horse to the river, but you can’t make him drink.’

Seeking to shorten the process that leads to success in anything can be costly in terms of time and money – you must go the distance. What you can do, though, is to seek out someone who has gone on before you to guide you and save yourself the time-consuming tryals and errors that they have experienced, and this is where Sarah fits in.

Her video tutorials provide you with information you can apply right away to begin building your business. She continuously monitors the various social media platforms and search engines for changes in algorithms and other things and immediately changes her training material when necessary.

She does all her transcripts and video tutorials in the most professional manner, and they are easy to understand and apply. The advantage of using these products and becoming a member of her Licensing Partner Team is that you eventually acquire the same knowledge. Some of this knowledge she receives at various mastermind events where top marketers share strategies and ideas. Below is Sarah interviewing one of her mastermind group members, Christopher John Payne, as she tests drive the Tesla S model car. I hope you enjoy it!