The average person considers himself honest, decent, and upright, always giving to everyone their dues, and would never entertain the thought of withholding anything from an employee or anyone for service rendered.

While this is indeed good and acceptable in the sight of both God and man, it is always better to continue striving to outdo yourself by going the extra mile instead of settling for just being ordinarily good. This involves a continuous “seeking after,” searching for opportunities to excel beyond the norm in giving yourself time, finances, etc. It would help if you always competed with yourself, trying to outdo yourself in being kind and generous to others.

Strive For Excellence In Giving

For most of us (myself included), it is much easier to strive for excellence in some areas than others. Example: We strive for excellence in the way we dress, keep our homes, pursue our dreams and goals, and so on, but not in the way we give. When it comes to giving, we do it to the letter – to the pound; nothing more or less. We part with only what we are legally or morally required to, or what we have committed ourselves to. And who can accuse us of any wrongdoing or say we have not done our duty? No one. And when we give something away for free (except for gifts to our loved ones) in most cases, it’s far from excellent – we don’t put our best foot forward.

As a past construction worker here in the Caribbean, I have observed some people volunteering to assist friends with various renovations to their homes. Because their services are voluntary, they show up for no particular time and leave whenever they feel. Unfortunately, this is the attitude of most people. We give what we are legally required to, and when there is no compensation involved, we do far less than our best.

Dividends Of Going The Extra Mile

In their bestselling book, “Succeed And Grow Rich Through Persuasion,” Napoleon Hill and E. Harold Keown wrote about Andrew Carnegie, who paid one of his mastermind allies, Charles M. Schwab, a salary of $75,000 a year. On some occasions, he was paid a bonus of 1$ million at the end of the year. When Carnegie was asked if it was necessary to give Schwab such a massive gift since it was not promised, he replied: “No, it was not necessary. But it seemed better than running the risk of his leaving my services and becoming my competitor.”

As an internet marketer, you need people to succeed. Your “net worth is a direct consequence of your “network.”

The money is in the list, and the list is made up of people who should be respected and treated well. Going the extra mile for people enables you to build and retain a network that’s as solid as a rock.

People you outsource work to should always be handsomely tipped by giving them more than they bargained for. If you desire to go to the next level and experience that financial explosion in your business, you must be prepared to give more than expected. Doing this will ensure your customers, prospects, subscribers, and business associates are always satisfied and happy working for and with you.

Avoid The Use Of PLR Material

Try as much as possible to stay clear of PLR material and continuously give original, relevant, useful, and enjoyable. Yes, this should be the quality of the content you provide and the products you give away as free. If you do otherwise, it will only serve the purpose of hurting your business, if not immediately, but certainly in the long run.

If someone opt-in to your list to receive a free offer and what they receive is below their expectations or garbage, then they will never trust you again. The products you give away as free products must be of such high value that the recipients should have no doubts that they are worth paying for. In this way, people will soon come to know, trust, and like you.

Going the extra mile will not always pay off immediately, or even anytime soon after, but we can rest assured that payoff will come. As long as you continue doing things correctly while exercising much patience, it will come, and when it does start flowing, we will need to make room to contain it.

Take care, and continue climbing without giving up. Keep in mind that it sometimes seems most difficult just when you are about to succeed.

Thanks for taking the time off to read this newsletter.