An Overview of Niche Profit Class – A Free Course   

Course Name: Niche Profit Class

Course Description: A 33 min. long video course that shows you how to find lucrative business models and niches.

This Course’s Contents:

This Free Course highlights 2 critical issues in building an online business:

1) Niche Research – to ensure you choose a lucrative niche.

2) Business Models – to enable you to monetize your niche business successfully.

Video 1: Selecting a Business Model and Niche

This 17:36 mins video covers the basics of building a prosperous online business: How to select a lucrative niche and how to apply the finest choice of business models to your selection.

The information in this FREE video is of high value. I count myself fortunate to have access to this now, in the early years of my Internet Marketing career.

Video 2: Further Niche Research plus Tricks and Tips 

This 15:53 mins video delves into a deeper depth of researching niches for available monetization procedures, doing competition analysis and keyword research to make sure you have a money-making niche. You will pick up lots of hints and tips along the way, which could make a huge difference to your online business.


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