The 12 Minute Affiliate System – Make Money From Home

It cannot be denied the World Wide Web is one of the quickest and coolest ways to create income. The web is not biased against anyone so that you or anyone can do it regardless of class, gender, age, creed, or nationality. All that’s necessary is a computer that’s working, internet access, basic information on the online money-making system, and…

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Failure – A Steppingstone or Tombstone?

Never have I known me to be anything other than a failure. Throughout my life, I failed at almost everything I put my hands to do. My parents’ attempt at giving me a formal education turned out to be a complete mess as I never seemed to want that and didn’t settle into the classroom until I was around age 11 in the 6th Grade. I continued at school up to the 9th Grade and left without… Continue Reading.




How to Avoid the Outsourcing Nightmare Experience

There are numerous benefits to be derived from outsourcing for both you and your business. However, it is something you need to approach with extreme caution. Most importantly, you must know what you want and must give clear instructions to the person you are hiring.
One of the biggest mistakes people make when hiring outsourcers is giving vague instructions and expecting the outsourcer to know what they… Continue Reading



Who is this Sarah Starr?

She is the UK’s leading female internet marketer, a super affiliate, well known for having a reputation as being straightforward, trustworthy, and ethical, and carries the name Sarah Staar.

Sarah started her internet marketing career in 2003 with a website she built for fun that…

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A Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude is absolutely necessary for your success in any endeavor. If you are sure about the point you want to get to, take the first step, and continue with full confidence that you are going to succeed, you will. However, you might be needing to drastically change your mindset, as it will determine whether you will continue until you reach your desired goal, or give up when faced with numerous obstacles and negative situations … Continue Reading



Playing by the Book

When I first started online, I noticed that each time I decided to follow guidelines given in an internet marketing course to accomplish a task, somewhere along the way, I would end up straying into doing my own thing to speed up the process.

What usually happened at such times was, I would go on to making a total mess of things that would cost me a lot in terms of time and money. Then I would return to following the instructions, and prove to myself that doing so was much faster, easier, and much less costly. A lot of internet marketers… Continue Reading


The Extra Mile

While this is indeed good and acceptable in the sight of both God and man, it is always better to continue striving to outdo ourselves by going the extra mile, instead of settling for just being ordinarily good. This involves a continuous “seeking after,” searching for opportunities to excel beyond the norm in giving yourself, time, finances, etc. You should always be in competition with yourself, trying to outdo yourself in… Continue Reading