An Overview of the Free YouTube Hijack Course

Course Description: An online course delivered in 3 modules, each consisting of 1 or more videos. 

Do not stumble by the fact that this is a free course. It is of high value and much better than many paid ones. It goes straight to the point and is neither long nor difficult to understand. It contains no filler and consists of 3 short modules that can be studied in less than an hour.


Here are the contents of each module in detail. Please do not make the mistake of thinking you have to do them all. Each is a separate strategy that stans alone in its own right. Go them through one at a time implementing as you go along.


Module 1 How to get your affiliate links onto other people’s videos

This module consists of 6 videos. Total viewing time is less than an hour.
It details how to make money from YouTube without creating any videos.

This involves contacting the owners of popular videos and making them an offer to rent space on their YouTube videos.


Module 2 How to create videos that convert

This module comprises of 5 videos. Total viewing time is about 55 minutes.
It specifies 4 types of video you can make to cause your offers to convert.
This allows you to choose the method you prefer for services or products.


Module 3 How to rank your videos in the search engines

This module consists of 7 videos. Total viewing time is less than an hour.
The details of this module are about how to get your videos to rank well and bringing organic traffic to your business.

With as little as 3 hours of study and a couple of hours of implementing,  you could get started at making money online.

Check out the video below to hear what Sarah Staar herself has to say concerning this course…

I’ve never heard about making money on YouTube without uploading any videos before. This course teaches this, and it does work!!

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