Free Access to Traffic Mastermind – Video Recordings of 4 Experts Openly Discussing Traffic Secrets at a Closed-Door Workshop.

Name of Course: Traffic Mastermind

Description of Course: A 1hr 46min video of a live “London Meetup” Workshop that death with traffic generation.

Traffic Mastermind Recordings’ Content Details

4 UK experts on internet marketing explain many effective methods of traffic generation in this free instructional video.

1st Speaker: Sarah Staar

Sarah discusses the pros and cons of Video marketing, Solo ads, SEO, email list-building techniques, and Facebook advertising.

2nd Speaker: Rob Cornish

Rob openly discusses how he uses product creation to drives endless traffic to his websites and how he constructs his large email lists.

3rd Speaker: Christopher John Payne

Chris reveals his secrets about his offline marketing methods which are direct mail, newspaper and magazine advertising.

4th Speaker: Geoff Alexander 

What Geoff doesn’t know about PPC isn’t worth knowing, as he is an expert at Pay-Per-Click and a Certified Google Partner.

Remember: Free traffic is not as scalable as paid traffic and as Sarah Staar says, “If you can master Paid traffic, the amount of sales you can make online is unlimited”.


Who is Traffic Mastermind for?

The traffic methods defined in this tutorial are powerful. However, if you are an inexperienced internet marketer, you may need some additional training to apply some of the steps. (Most of this additional training are available on the internet for free). Experienced marketers will have no problems with these steps.

Please note: Dismissing this course because it’s free, will be a big mistake. The traffic methods are quite powerful, and they do work.


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