The 12 Minute Affiliate System – Make Money From Home

It cannot be denied the World Wide Web is one of the quickest and coolest ways to create income. The web is not biased against anyone, so that you or anyone can do it regardless of class, gender, age, creed, or nationality. All that’s necessary is a computer that’s working, internet access, basic information on the online money-making system, and you can begin to make money online.

As you become involved in generating income online, an unlimited volume of clients the world over awaits you. It’s like having your own brick-and-mortar business offline 24/7, with the ability to automate most of the tedious tasks.


Anyone can begin to generate income online today with the technology now available. Even with minimum knowledge, you can start by following the directions and recommendations given here. It is unrealistic to expect to become a millionaire by tomorrow morning or even by the next 6 months. Those who say you can are most likely scammers. Don’t forget; when it sounds too good to be true, it’s a scam.

There are many ways to make money online. However, focusing on one at a time is advisable to avoid information overload, especially when starting. Surveys showed that information overload is the leading factor contributing to %90 of newbie failures. So, let’s examine the affiliate marketing way of making money online.

Affiliate Marketing

In its basic form, affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products online for a commission, which is an excellent way to start because:

  1. There isn’t the need to produce products of your own.
  2. You need not worry about product fulfillment or customer service.
  3. Owning a webpage is not necessary.
  4. It’s easy and fast to begin.

Because (for example) the world’s biggest online retailer uses affiliate networks, you can be sure affiliate marketing is a genuine business. (Amazon is a publicly listed giant company)

On joining their network, you are given an affiliate link – whenever someone clicks on that link, they are immediately taken to So you instantly make money if they purchase anything. The procedure is easy and short.

However, Amazon’s commission percentage is only 6% for newcomers, and it is going to take a long time to make even $100. For this reason, I suggest Clickbank.

Clickbank is an affiliate network that is highly credible and produces 350 million dollars in revenue annually. An affiliate network is a commission-structured sales scheme. You recommend a website to your website visitors and earn a percentage of any sales generated by them. An affiliate commission is what this percentage of sales is known as—the site benefits by the sales, and you by the commission as an affiliate.

I certainly endorse Clickbank to begin quickly and easily. Clickbank is suitable for anyone with a desire to make money online, and you can open an account there for free. I choose Clickbank instead of Amazon because Cnickbank’s commission percentages are generally higher, and its conversion rates are.

Amazon’s affiliate commission is between 6% and 10%, with only the top affiliates qualifying for the 10% rate, whereas the majority of the vendors at Clickbank pay affiliates around 50% and 75% commission. So it appears you sometimes earn more than the vendor for the sales you make.

Amazon’s cookies (information stored on a computer) survive for 24 hours, while Clickbank’s survives for 60 days. For example, Johnny clicks my affiliate link, lands on Clickbank vendor’s site but didn’t purchase the product he intended to. Three weeks later, he decides to buy the product and does so. Even though 3 weeks later, I still get the commission because Clickbank’s cookies information lasts for 60 days.

When someone purchases something from Clickbank, they can download it immediately without waiting around. Most of the items sold on the Clickbank affiliate network are downloadable information products, so you have no shipping cost. For the necessary training on how to make money online using Clickbank as an affiliate, click on the following banner.

12-Minute Affiliate

Choosing Products to Promote

There are thousands of products in the Clickbank marketplace to promote, and the E-business/E-marketing type is among the best. Here are three reasons why this is so:

  1. You can generate more income selling because the percentage rates of commission in this category are 50% and over, and most of the products come with upsells. Hence, you stand a good chance of earning commissions on other products that the customer would most likely purchase.
  2. Because E-business/E-marketing category is evergreen, you will never have trouble finding fresh and unique products to promote.
  3. Because e-marketing type products convert well as it is very competitive among online marketers.

However, the Health and Wellness type is just as excellent.


Affiliate marketing is a very profitable type of online business. It’s one of the many ways you can make money online without ever going through product creation and all it involves. Instead, all you do is choose a product, sign up to its affiliate program, promote it, generate sales, and get paid commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Sounds Easy?

Your success as an affiliate marketer depends on your ability to drive targeted traffic.

If you can’t drive targeted traffic, you are going nowhere.

No point in sending a Fitness Offer to people who signed up for a blog or newsletter about Knitting & Crochet and vice versa. Or advertising to people in areas of the world who don’t have disposable income or credit cards to make a purchase.

If you are doing Solo ads, Safe swaps, Joint ventures, and the like, you always need to know beforehand that the traffic suits your offer. To ensure success as an internet marketer, both paid and free ads should be targeted.

Yes, there is free traffic like SEO and paid traffic. SEO is about getting your website ranked in search engines like Google and being found by people searching for exactly what you are promoting. Then there is paid traffic, where you purchase it from social media platforms and other sources. Unfortunately, both can result in “0” positive results or very little when done incorrectly.

There are lots of free information products on Affiliate Marketing on the Internet today that are obsolete. In 2013 and earlier, those strategies worked but have no place in today’s digital marketing world. There are also obsolete paid ones around as well that are being sold to unsuspecting newbies. Many people are teaching and selling stuff that they don’t use in their own business, so you must exercise great caution when choosing someone to follow. However, it’s of uttermost importance that you find yourself a mentor by clicking on the banner below.

12-Minute Affiliate

What Motivates you?

It would be incorrect to say that making money should not be what motivates you to continue going on in internet marketing, as making money is one of the reasons I’m still at it myself. However, making money is not my only motivation to continue as an internet marketer; it shouldn’t be yours. If so, you may as well forget it now because you will not make it.

You will face numerous obstacles and challenges along the way that can be overcome only with your love for the profession. You must love internet marketing with a passion. It would be best if you were other people-centered, which is not about you or me but about providing solutions to your prospects and customers’ problems. If this is your passion, then you are in the correct place, so continue reading. If you think it’s not, then stop reading this article and go and find your passion and follow it!

Be Consistent

Sometimes we look at successful people and believe they possess some unique talents that set them apart from others, and to some extent, that’s true. However, talent is not what sets them apart because we are all blessed with special talents that make us unique. What sets them apart from everyone else is they are not quitters. They sat out to achieve their goals and remained steadfast, refusing to quit for any reason at all until they finally succeeded. Simply put, they are consistent.

Almost everyone can recall a former schoolmate who continually excelled at high school, so much so that everyone expected the individual to achieve abundant success later in life. And as if by some stroke of ill faith, others who were much less bright went on to accomplish much, while the one-time school’s darling amounted to almost nothing.

Failure to be consistent will be the underlying factor for every justifiable excuse produced for our mate’s failure.

As good content is king, so is consistency.

It will take you from behind and place upfront, take you from the bottom, and place you at the top.

Focus steadily on consistency while being consistent. Character is most important when it comes to having your performance and business stand out.

Find a Mentor

Now go out there and find yourself a mentor and tutor to guide and provide all the training you need to build and expand your business. It would be best if you had someone that teaches the same things they use in their business every day, revises and updates their training material regularly, and keeps relevant to the present time; someone like Devon Brown and his 12 Minute Affiliate System.

Next, you must be prepared to give it time, be consistent, and be careful to follow instructions to the letter.

If you are mindful of these two things throughout, you will reach your destination much faster than you think.

The 12-Minute Affiliate System

Here is a system created by Devon Brown that caters to most of what you need to know about affiliate marketing; it’s one that has tons of value. Devon has made affiliate marketing as easy as everyone has been promising it would be.

The 12 Minute Affiliate marketing system allows anybody to copy Devon’s exact affiliate marketing strategy, regardless of how new to affiliate marketing you are. All the web pages and follow-up messages are already done for you; Devon has also included the best products to promote with the system.

All you will ever need to do is log in to the 12-minute affiliate marketing system and personalize it with your affiliate details to grow your email list and make the commissions. The system does most of the work, plus you get ongoing support and training.

If you are a new or intermediate affiliate marketer and have never made those big commissions, you might want to check out the 12-minute affiliate system for yourself; you won’t be disappointed.