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Generating Income from Home via the Newsletter Business

How to Set-up and Profitably Run an  Email Newsletter Business From your Home.

In this article, I will attempt to cover the bare minimum of requirements for generating income online through the newsletters business. I will also be directing you to where you can acquire all the required theoretical and practical skills to get started.

Making money from a newsletter business

So you have started building your newsletter and are thinking of ways to make some money from it. As a producer or publisher, access to your subscribers’ inbox is unlimited, providing you don’t cross the spam filters.


You’ve heard that building a relationship with your list one-on-one is crucial to your success but you are a bit unsure about the way forward. You want to choose the most appropriate way to profit from that relationship. Well, what’s on the table?

One of the nice things about the newsletter business is there are several ways you can choose from to monetize it. Some probably already no; some you might not have thought of.
Nevertheless, whatever model you choose, it is vital to first decide the type of content you are going to share, which will depend on the area of business you are in or planning to go into, or in the case of an affiliate marketer, the niche you are into.


Having a focused newsletter
This is important in order to keep holding on to your subscribers’ interest because failure in this area will result in them unsubscribing. People will join your email list with expectations and it is your duty to know those expectations and meet them head-on. This may sound difficult but it isn’t; your competitors know how to do it and you must, or suffer defeat.
I am tempted to elaborate on this some more, but I know all this and more will be revealed to you, and you follow my direction.

The free offer

For your newsletter business to succeed you need people to send it to; people who are interested in the type of content you have decided to share. You would need a list of people referred to as an email list. You are not going to put any Tom Dick and Harry on your list, but don’t worry, because finding them would be very easy.

This is where the free offer, which is also referred to as a lead magnet comes in. You can create it yourself or pay someone to create it for you. It can be in the form of a pdf document or a DVD or CD containing information of massive value. Its value should be as such that if you so choose, you can sell it and make money. You will then give this away in exchange for people’s contact details.
It is quite obvious that the people who accept the free offer will to interested in its topic. This is how you build a list of persons who are all interested in a subject or topic of your choice so you will know what type of information to send them in your newsletter.

There is much more work to be done with regard to knowing the needs of your subscribers; what I give you in this short article is only the foundation to build upon.
Please note that if your lead magnet or free offer is garbage, you will still get people to sign up but they will be disappointed, will not trust you, and will unsubscribe instantly.
What I’m getting at is, create overwhelming value and over-deliver; give more than is expect and you will instantly gain their trust.

Well, as I said, I’ve just scratched the surface of the newsletter business in this short article. However, to get all the information that’s necessary for starting and successfully running a newsletter business, go to 1K A Day Fast Track.

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A Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude is necessary for your success in any endeavor. If you are sure about the point you want to get to, take the first step, and continue with complete confidence that you will succeed, you will. However, you might need to change your mindset drastically. It will determine whether you will continue until you reach your desired goal or give up when faced with the numerous obstacles and negative situations you will encounter along the way.

“YOU” – Your Biggest Obstacle

The biggest obstacle you will face is yourself. Very early, you could find yourself focusing on your lack while comparing yourself with those who have already achieved big time. As a result, you could end up thinking to yourself, “This thing is just too difficult,” followed by a feeling to quit.
Remember, you have to start from where you are, make mistakes, learn, and grow along the way. It doesn’t happen quickly or overnight. It takes time, and you must give it time. The people you compare yourself with also had starting points. Then, depending on how bad you want something, you will find a way to get it.


One of the many reasons people fail at internet marketing is that they look at those at the top and think to themselves, “I want to be like Tom,” and expect that in three months or one year, they will get to the place that it took Tom ten years to reach. So they go out there and purchase a course or two, and when they don’t meet their unrealistic expectations within their set timeframe, they give up. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

There is also something else to consider. Is Tom’s niche (or whatever he’s doing) your passion? Maybe not – and you are in it just for the money. Well, if you go into any business you don’t but are in only for the money and expect to succeed, you will not. To press through the difficulties and obstacles that all start-up business owners and entrepreneurs face on their way up, you must love what you do with a passion.

Evaluate Yourself

We were all purposefully created with gifts and talents and are responsible for developing them. Unfortunately, some people choose to bury instead of developing theirs for various reasons, such as fear of failure and criticism. If you have a dream or a vision, go after it.

Evaluate yourself to find your strengths and abilities. You should align your strong points with your dream or vision. For example, you will not pursue a baseball career if you observe and believe in your heart that your strong points relate to cycling. Embrace the preparation process by reading books, taking the appropriate courses at whatever level necessary,  giving it time.

Work on developing your talent and pay no attention to people who tell you that you can’t. They can’t, but you can. Me, for instance: People can say or think what they like about me and what I do. I don’t care. The constitution guarantees them freedom of speech, and their opinions have nothing to do with me. So, making money or not, I love internet marketing with a passion, and no one except the Lord God Almighty and His son Jesus Christ can stand between me and what I do.

The great American author Napoleon Hill once said, “The No. 1 reason people fail in life is that they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors,” which is 100% true.

Over the years, I have noticed that the people who limit themselves love to limit others. Because they can’t, you can’t also. They walk around with boxes to put other people in and labels on them. They judge you by your past, appearance, and present circumstances.

So they place you in their little box, put a label on it, and say to you, “Be realistic and stay in that box – it’s your box. Don’t be unrealistic, and try to get out. It would help if you weren’t thinking outside of that box. Be careful with whom you share your aspirations, goals, and vision to avoid such people.

Your New Tribe

If there are people around you who continuously try to sow seeds of doubt in your mind about your ability to succeed in reaching your goals, keep them at a distance. Not everyone in your life belongs there, so it’s okay to delete some of them. Remember, your followers are not always your fans.

Never be afraid of traveling alone. It is sometimes necessary to seek out YOUR NEW TRIBE – like-minded people who know your worth, encourage, and inspire you.
One of the reasons some of those around you respond negatively to your aspirations is because they feel threatened (subconsciously). Your goals scare them by reminding them of what they are not doing, making them uncomfortable. So, while your family, friends, and associates like you, some of them like you just the way you are and not necessarily any better. However, the onus is always on you to stay on track by maintaining a positive mental attitude at all times.
It is impossible not to react to a situation, so deal with each that comes at you. The condition exists – it’s a fact. How you respond to it will determine whether its effect on you is positive or negative. Begin to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.
You cannot control people’s thinking patterns and behavior towards you, but you can control how you think and respond. Therefore, see opposition and negative criticism as a reason to continue pressing forward without quitting.



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Who Is This Sarah Staar?


She is the UK’s leading female internet marketer, a super affiliate, well known for having a reputation as being straightforward, trustworthy, and ethical, and carries the name Sarah Staar.

Sarah started her internet marketing career in 2003 with a website she built for the fun of it. The site was a listing of the best broadband Internet TV stations in the UK of the day. As an affiliate, she soon began selling the products of some of the advertisers on her internet tv stations directory while also using Adsense. Through this site, she began generating a small income of around $600 a month.

Since then, she has grown tremendously and is now an SEO consultant for various companies in the UK and a director of a company whose specialty is video production for the internet. She is also the creator of over 30 best-selling internet marketing products and an affiliate marketer generating a monthly income of more than $10,000 a month from affiliate marketing alone.

Regularly conducting coaching classes and workshops for her students on the internet, Sarah teaches the same techniques she uses in her business every day. Her style of teaching is such that allows everyone at every level to understand the lesson clearly. Her strategies have been tested many times over by numerous newbies who have since gone on to become quite successful in making money online.

Having a track record that speaks louder than words, she is highly qualified to teach in several areas and various internet marketing subjects. Her video tutorials are both free and paid ones and are of such high value that it can prove to be quite a challenge distinguishing between the two.

From my own experience with her, I would say she immediately psychologically translates every serious-minded individual that comes in contact with her to a higher level. She does this by revealing simple truths. However, the responsibility lies with us to act upon those truths by taking massive action. For, as the saying goes… ‘You can lead a horse to the river, but you can’t make him drink.’

Seeking to shorten the process that leads to success in anything can be costly in terms of time and money – you must go the distance. What you can do, though, is to seek out someone who has gone on before you to guide you and save yourself the time-consuming tryals and errors that they have experienced, and this is where Sarah fits in.

Her video tutorials provide you with information you can apply right away to begin building your business. She continuously monitors the various social media platforms and search engines for changes in algorithms and other things and immediately changes her training material when necessary.

She does all her transcripts and video tutorials in the most professional manner, and they are easy to understand and apply. The advantage of using these products and becoming a member of her Licensing Partner Team is that you eventually acquire the same knowledge. Some of this knowledge she receives at various mastermind events where top marketers share strategies and ideas. Below is Sarah interviewing one of her mastermind group members, Christopher John Payne, as she tests drive the Tesla S model car. I hope you enjoy it!







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How to Avoid the Outsourcing Nightmare Experience

There are numerous benefits to be derived from outsourcing for both you and your business. However, it is something you need to approach with extreme caution. Most importantly, you must know what you want and give clear instructions to the hiring person.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hiring outsourcers is giving vague instructions and expecting them to know what they want.

Unless you spell it out to them, nobody is going to know what your vision is. If you fail to provide specifics when giving instructions, you are highly likely to be very dissatisfied with the results. You will end up wasting time having the project done over, and sometimes many times over. So take time to figure out what exactly you want them to do before placing an order.

If you desire to have a web page design in a particular way, provide a similar web page, and say, “I want it done like this one.” If you desire a plugin that would provide a specific function, make sure what you want is wholly outlined before contacting an outsourcer to have the work done.

If you want a logo designed, provide detailed instructions, together with an example of what it is you want. Most people don’t do these things when they first start outsourcing, and in most cases, always end badly. Again: Do not forget to take time and clearly outline what it is you want to have done before approaching the outsourcer, and be specific.

Getting Started With Your Outsourcer
It is not advisable to begin working with an outsourcer before proving that they can produce quality work, that they are dependable, and can communicate with you. The last thing you will want is to forward to an outsourcer, a project that is crucial to the smooth functioning of your business before knowing whether that person is legitimate or not. That would be a sure formula for disaster.

It would be best if you first gave them something small, that’s not so important to your business. See how they handle that and then decide how to proceed from there. If you desire to have your entire website redesign, let the outsourcer first redesign a banner or page to test their skill.

Apart from their skill, the main thing you will be focusing on is reliability. Will the outsourcer meet the deadline that you set to get the job done? I have discovered that skill and talent are essential, but there are other areas to look at when hiring someone to do a specific job.
For me, a good character comes first.

There are many talented and skillful people out there, but not all are reliable and can keep deadlines. When you find reliable outsourcers, hold fast to them and don’t let go. Treat them well, and they will treat you nicely in return. They are invaluable resources to both you and your business.







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The 12 Minute Affiliate System – Make Money From Home

It cannot be denied the World Wide Web is one of the quickest and coolest ways to create income. The web is not biased against anyone so that you or anyone can do it regardless of class, gender, age, creed, or nationality. All that’s necessary is a computer that’s working, internet access, basic information on the online money-making system, and you can begin to make money online.

As you become involved in generating income online, an unlimited volume of clients the world over awaits you. It’s like having your own brick-and-mortar business offline 24/7, with the ability to automate most of the tedious tasks.


Anyone can begin to generate income online today with the technology now available. Even with minimum knowledge, you can start by following the directions and recommendations given here. It is unrealistic to expect to become a millionaire by tomorrow morning, or even by the next 6 months. Those who say you can are most likely scammers. Don’t forget, when it sounds too good to be true, it’s a scam.

There are many ways to make money online. However, to avoid information overload, it is advisable to focus on one at a time, especially when starting. Surveys conducted showed that information overload is the leading factor that contributes to %90 of newbie failures. Having said that, let’s examine the affiliate marketing way of making money online.

Affiliate Marketing

In its basic form, affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products online for a commission.  This is an excellent way to start because:

  1. There isn’t the need to produce products of your own.
  2. You need not worry about product fulfillment or customer service.
  3. Owning a webpage is not necessary.
  4. It’s easy and fast to begin.

Because (for example) the world’s biggest online retailer uses affiliate networks, you can be sure affiliate marketing is a genuine business. (Amazon is a public listed giant company)

On joining their network, you are given an affiliate link – whenever someone clicks on that link, they are immediately taken to You instantly make money if they purchase anything. The procedure is easy and short.

However, Amazon’s commission percentage is only 6% for newcomers, and it is going to take a long time to make even $100. For this reason, I suggest Clickbank.

Clickbank is an affiliate network that is highly credible and produces 350 million dollars in revenue annually. An affiliate network is a commission-structured sales scheme. You recommend a website to your website visitors and earn a percentage of any sales generated by them. An affiliate commission is what this percentage of sales is known as—the site benefits by the sales, and you by the commission as an affiliate.

I certainly endorse Clickbank to begin quickly and easily.  Clickbank is suitable for anyone with a desire to make money online, and you can open an account there for free. I choose Clickbank instead of Amazon because Cnickbank’s commission percentages are generally higher and its conversion rates.

Amazon’s affiliate commission is between 6% and 10%, with only the top affiliates qualifying for the 10% rate whereas, the majority of the vendors at Clickbank pay affiliates around 50% and 75% commission. It appears you sometimes earn more than the vendor for the sales you make.

Amazon’s cookies (information stored on a computer) survive for 24 hours, while Clickbank’s survives for 60 days. For example, Johnny clicks my affiliate link, lands on Clickbank vendor’s site but didn’t purchase the product he intended to. 3 weeks later, he decides to buy the product and does so. Even though 3 weeks later, I still get the commission because  Clickbank’s cookies information lasts for 60 days.

When someone purchases something from Clickbank, they can download it immediately and don’t have to wait around.  Most of the items sold on the Clickbank affiliate network are downloadable information products, so you have no shipping cost. For the necessary training on how to make money online using Clickbank as an affiliate, click on the following banner.

12-Minute Affiliate

Choosing Products to Promote

There are thousands of products in the Clickbank marketplace to promote, and the E-business/E-marketing type is among the best. Here are three reasons why this is so:

  1. You can generate more income selling because the percentage rates of commission in this category are 50% and over, and most of the products come with upsells. Hence, you stand a good chance of earning commissions on other products that the customer would most likely purchase.
  2. Because internet marketing and online business is an evergreen subject, you will never have trouble finding fresh and unique products to promote.
  3. Because e-marketing type products convert well as it is very competitive among online marketers.

As said above, the e-business/e-marketing type is only among the best of the lot to promote. The Health and Wellness type is just as excellent.


Affiliate marketing is a very profitable online business. It’s one of the many ways people make money online without ever going through product creation, and all it involves.


All you do is choose a product, sign up to its affiliate program, promote it, generate sales, and get paid commissions.


Affiliate Marketing Sounds Easy?

Up to a point… however, your success depends on your ability to drive… traffic.

If you can’t drive the targeted traffic, you are going nowhere.

No point in sending a Fitness Offer to people who signed up for a blog or newsletter about Knitting & Crochet and vice versa. Or advertising to people in areas of the world who don’t have disposable income or credit cards to make a purchase.

If you are doing Solo ads, Safe swaps, Joint ventures, and such the like, you always need to know beforehand that the traffic is suited to your offer. To ensure success as an internet marketer, both paid, and free ads should be targeted.

Yes, there is free traffic like SEO, and there is paid traffic. SEO is about getting your website ranked in search engines like Google and being found by people searching for exactly what you are promoting. Then there is paid traffic where you purchase it from social media platforms and other sources. Both can result in “0” positive results or very little when done incorrectly.

There are lots of free information products on Affiliate Marketing on the Internet today that are obsolete.  In 2013 and earlier, those strategies worked but have no place in today’s digital marketing world. There are also obsolete paid ones around as well that are being sold to unsuspecting newbies. Many people are teaching and selling stuff that they don’t use in their own business, so you must exercise great caution when choosing someone to follow. However, it’s of uttermost importance that you find yourself a mentor by clicking on the banner below.

12-Minute Affiliate

What Motivates you?

It would be incorrect to say that making money should not be what motivates you to continue going on in internet marketing, as making money is one of the reasons I’m still at it myself. However, making money is not my only motivation to continue as an internet marketer, and it shouldn’t be yours either. If it is so, you may as well forget it now because you are not going to make it.

You will face numerous obstacles and challenges along the way that can be overcome only with your love for the profession. You must love internet marketing with a passion. It would be best if you were other people-centered. This is not about you or me but about providing solutions to your prospects and customers’ problems. If this is your passion, then you are in the correct place, so continue reading. If you think it’s not, then stop reading this article and go and find your passion and follow it!

Be Consistent

Sometimes we look at successful people and believe they possess some unique talents that set them apart from others, and to some extent, that’s true. However, talent is not what sets them apart because we are all blessed with special talents that make us unique. What sets them apart from everyone else is they are not quitters. They sat out to achieve their goals and remained steadfast, refusing to quit for any reason at all until they finally succeeded. Simply put, they are consistent.

Almost everyone can recall a former schoolmate who continually excelled at high school. So much so that everyone expected the individual to achieve abundant success later in life. And as if by some stroke of ill faith, others who were much less bright went on to accomplish much, while the one-time school’s darling amounted to almost nothing.

Failure to be consistent will be the underlying factor for every justifiable excuse produced for our mate’s failure.

As good content is king, so is consistency.

It will take you from behind and place upfront, take you from the bottom and place you at the top.

Focus steadily on consistency while being consistent. When it comes to having your performance and business stand out, consistency is most effective.

Find a Mentor

Now go out there and find yourself a mentor and tutor to guide and provide all the training you need to build and expand your business. You need someone that teaches the same things they use in their business every day, revises and updates their training material regularly, and keeps relevant to the present time; someone like Devon Brown and his 12 Minute Affiliate System.

Next, you must then be prepared to give it time and be consistent and be careful to follow instructions to the letter.

If you are mindful of these two things throughout, you will reach your destination much faster than you think.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System

Here is a system created by Devon Brown that caters to most of what you need to know about affiliate marketing; it’s one that has tons of value. What Devon has done is make affiliate marketing as easy as everyone has been promising it would be.

What the 12 Minute Affiliate marketing system does is, allows anybody, regardless of how new to affiliate marketing you are, to copy Devon’s exact affiliate marketing strategy. All the web pages and follow-up messages are already done for you; Devon has also included into the system the best products to promote.

All you will ever need to do is log in to the 12-minute affiliate marketing system and personalize it with your own affiliate details so you can grow your email list and make the commissions. The system does the majority of the work, plus, you get ongoing support and ongoing training as well.

If you are a new or intermediate affiliate marketer and have never made those extravagant commissions, you might want to check out the 12-minute affiliate system for yourself; you won’t be disappointed.






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